Pink Mulberry Beauty

Vivienne Westwood

Roman Three Strap Shoes from Vivienne Westwood in tha' house. Come summer :)

Givenchy Obsedia

Proenza Schouler PS11Night Club Blue

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

New In - Merino Sweater

Sale at Babel at Løkka. Yay. Merino Sweater from Petit Bateau

Obsessed With

Liquid Sand by OPI, Alcatraz Rocks

Epilogue Lamb Fur

Oh Yes, I Did

Chloé Susanna Suede Navy Boots. Thank you, MasterCard

Beauty Haul

London Haul

Chloe Susanna Boots

....ok, I am hooked. Didn't really like these the first time around (Susan Boots) but oh they are relaunched in navy suede and Must have noooow!!!





Dear Santa...




Need to get me some Acne Donna Boots!!!!!! ASAP











Pics. LuisaViaRoma

New In for Fall

Acne Scarves

Silkshirts Filippa K

Just Female knit

Secondhand Tweed coat Etoile Isabel Marant

Amazing Outfit

Ipad Secret

Ipad cover from Victoria's Secret

A New Office-Friend

Louis Vuitton Black Epi MM Agenda

Hello Mr. Hippo


Hermès, Hippo cadena 2005


Wiiii.LOVE my new mini camera. Fast and easy ....and did I mention that it's pink <3

Faliero Sarti

Totally in love with my new scarf <3

Bringing Home the Birkin

I will indeed try to bring home another baby yeah!!!

Closet Facelift Part II


Naboen skulle kvitte seg med verdens fineste garderobeskap. His loss my gain!! YAY!!!

Closet Facelift

Todays Cravings






                       Bag; Proenza Schouler PS11 Peacock Blue

                       Bag; Proenza Schouler PS11 Mini Classic Pony

                      Shoes; Cèline 

Pop Art



My colleague said to me; "you look so Pop Art today.." Jacket; Acne, Bag; Givenchy Antigona

Hermes Birkin Black 35 Togo PHW

New In- Miu Miu Bow Loafers

Smooth Skin

Photo Fun

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